» MP HJ's Key Point
1) FM Transmitter[Optional]
For Use of Add-On FM Transmitter, music will be hear by CAR & radio you can hear MP3 file in your CAR

2) Memory Capacity
Basic Flash memory Capacity : 32MB/64MB can be Expand for insert MMC(Multimedia Memory Card[16/32/64/128M]) up to your memory 160M/192M.

3) 5-Direction Key
Joystick-like 5-Direction Key is Play/FF/REW/Seek/VolumeUp&Down/PowerON&OFF Funtion and more efficient Handling

4) LCD Remocon[Optional]
LCD Remocon Views Statue of Current Playing Condition and Remote Control Function.

5) Voice Recorder, KMP-332 Series or higher Supported
Recording your voice up to 3-5 hours(32M -> 3hrs. 64M -> 5hrs)
Clearing & Pure Quality voice will satisfy for All user.
Use Example : Interview, Lecturing Lesson, Etc.

6) Manager Program CD
Includes Manager Program, Flash memory Controller Driver, Manual.
Windows 95/98/98SE/ME, Windows2000 Support
For the use of manager program, You can Down/Upload MP3 file and MS-Dos Compliant files

7) High-Grade Design
High-Tech Aluminum based High-Grade Sliver-Metal Color Appeals age of 20,30,40

8) Express Downloading(USB Interface)
Supports Express Downloading Function -> 4MB File Download takes 10-15 Second.

9) Mobile File-Store Function
In the MP GIO manager Program, Drag and Drop will be freely your Document files and Etc.
Files Uploading & Downloading.

10) Equalizer Function
5-Mode Equalizer Support(NORMAL, POP, CLASSIC, ROCK, JAZZ)

11) Etc. Funtion
HOLD Function, Repeat Playing Function

* For the better Product of MP HJ, little change may be happen to MP HJ's Specification